Evolution of Man
Evolution of Man

Last night was the first full performance of Metamorphosis. It was running as part of the excellent Bournemouth Fringe Festival. Thursday night I had a final run through with Naomi as my audience. She provided a good deal of helpful suggestions which helped to improve the final production. The run through also highlighted a good number of technical issues, from over-running videos, non-responsive clickers to a robot which suddenly ceased moving.

Friday morning was therefore spent video editing, poem editing and finally fixing Ozy. Eventually I discovered one of the wires had come loose from its connector due to the insulation melting. Fixing this up and re-attaching it caused lots of smoke. Assuming the wire needed to be a higher rating I replaced all the wiring again this only resulted in plumes of smoke. Eventually I discovered the servo shield was burnt out. A last minute repair resulted in a robot paralysed from the neck down, but at least able to speak.

By this time I was late getting away from home to set up, but I still had plenty of time. On arrival the staff at Sugar and Spice were incredibly helpful with unloading the car and setting up chairs. I was delighted to find an art installation beside the stage, a manikin with a tv for a head. The owner was busy working on the electrics in the corner of the room and kindly set it up to run a Matrix style screen.

The setup went very smoothly and I was left with an hour to get something to eat before people would start to arrive. Jane and Graham arrived first and then no-one until about ten minutes before the show was due to start. Jane began playing at 7:00 and by the time she had finished the audience could still be counted on one hand.

Fortunately by the end of the first poem the rest of the audience arrived. The on-going road works on the Wessex Way and Friday traffic had caused several delayed journeys and the rest of the show went well after this. The audience feedback afterwards was especially useful. I had cut a poem due to time constraints but it appears that its loss was noticed. Due to different ceiling heights between the stage and the audience it appears that the acoustics didn’t carry well with┬ásome at the back struggling to hear. My decision not to use amplification of any kind was clearly the wrong choice. Valuable lessons learned for the next time.

I now have a week off work which should allow me time to explore the various offerings of the Bournemouth Fringe as well as So:To Speak.